Monday, April 12, 2021


Hi, I am Fatima ! What I think about      This   abusing Male Thing Website. It is interesting. I wonder   how  Guys get excited, us abusing them, but that's fine with me. What I like ? Honestly, I liked the Part where I was sitting on this Guy's Face and he could not breath, but without getting the Poop on my Bud and my Opinion is, it would have to be more serious. The Man has to be tied up correctly and something in his Mouth, so he can't bite and then it would be completely up to me when I get up. If he should loose Conciousness that would be up to Nicole So if Nicole brings somebody who wants that, I am up for it.

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Hi, my Name is Atziri and I am studying with Kimberly, we are both from the same Village. Having recently met Nicole, I am still a little shocked. You must be kidding ! This Guy wanting to eat Girls Poop, never heard of anything like this, ever in my life. But it's to good of Timing for me, right now not to use this Oportunity of a Sidejob. From what I see, for this Toiletman,  it almost seems to be a Routine to eat Girl's Fecies. Unbelieable, but I guess in big Cities you see a Lot of Things you never even dreamed of.

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Hello, my Name is Kimberly. I am 19 Years old and I live here in a Student Home and just here to study Medicine.
Now from what Nicole is telling me, with Men wanting to be used as Toilets, Human Toilets. She says, it's a pretty common thing in Europe.
I have some Doubts to be sincere. But this Pervert, that followed her, is living Proof I guess, even though this Guy is not to smart, he does not have any Health Concerns whatsoever, eating People's Poop, it seems.
I am sure, this is not the first Time, he eats Poop.
I usually have to go the Bathroom in the Morning after I had my Coffee between 7:30 and 8:00, so if this Toilet Guy is near around that Time, I give him a really smelly Breakfast.

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Hi, I am Daniela and I am new in this, as I could not  see  the Possibility, somebody wanting to eat my Poop. But looking at this perverted Guy, that Nicole brings over, for some Reason, I love shitting on him, he even looks like a Toilet, doesn't he ?

Category: FP RNP

Hi, I am Ruby.

What I thought about this ?

Well, I never thought of the possibility, that somebody could be that horny wanting to eat a girl's fecies. Now this pig, Nicole brought in is even worse, wanting to eat fecies from how many girls. Now he wants to be such a pig, let's treat him as such and push all of that shit into him, but without mercy ! I am sorry, but I don't think, somebody could be more perverted than this one

Category: FP RNP

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