Hello, my Name is Kimberly. I am 19 Years old and I live here in a Student Home and just here to study Medicine.
Now from what Nicole is telling me, with Men wanting to be used as Toilets, Human Toilets. She says, it's a pretty common thing in Europe.
I have some Doubts to be sincere. But this Pervert, that followed her, is living Proof I guess, even though this Guy is not to smart, he does not have any Health Concerns whatsoever, eating People's Poop, it seems.
I am sure, this is not the first Time, he eats Poop.
I usually have to go the Bathroom in the Morning after I had my Coffee between 7:30 and 8:00, so if this Toilet Guy is near around that Time, I give him a really smelly Breakfast.

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