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Daniela and Fatyma and Ashley





Thursday, September 29, 2016


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Our new Store in, but no Poop Videos allowed the



All Members !!! Please save the Videos on your Devices, since we are rotating out again to make Space for the New Ones 




 Great News !!!

Now we also opened our Video Store in Young Dominas. If you still need more of us, here it is :

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Here we have our Dramatic Slave trying to make it passed the 4th Girl. But after he swallowed the first massive Amounts especially from Britany, he started beating everything around him. Unfortunately the Movie needed to be finished so we got the Old Slave back in as Backup for exactly that case



The Slave in this Toilet Bowl knew exactly what he was getting into. So now it's to late to complain. Eat and shut up and the Girls showed him how this works




 No Need for the Slave to come out of his Cage The Girls just over it and he takes Care of the Rest. What ever fell on the Side he needs to be fed just not to forget how a Toilet should behave. Have Look:




 Here we have a nice Movie coming up ! The Girls take turns sitting on the Man's Face and filling his Mouth. He can't swallow as fast as it comes out but this is every Toilet Slaves Goal. Have a Look




 Here we have a real nice Movie coming up where the Man's Head build into the Toilet. Lots of Poop, Lots of Fun and Lots of Poop Eating. The Last Part is the Feeding Part



 All Girls are ready to poop and hopefully the Man under is ready to eat. Because a Lot of Poop is coming his Way. Feeding and pushing is Last. Have a Look !




 Part 1   01/05/16

A particular cruel Movie, where the Man could not handle the Sewage Pressure applied. Little got wasted in this Sewage Design and afterwards the Slave said, that this is the LAST TIME. But we had this a Lot lately and both are coming back for more. Maybe some Love Hate Relation to the Poop Eating Habit ? Have a Look:






 Part 1 28/04/16

 Under The Desktop Poop Session       

Our Poop Eater this Time had to swallow a Lot of Poop, the good Thing, the Girls insisted, him eating his Dinner to the last Piece of Poop . Have a Look !






The Poop Corner              in 5 Parts


Part 1  04/05/16

Here our Man has another Big task ahead of him. He has to swallow the Poop from 5 Girls. A Great Mixture, some with Diarrhea and some with normal Poop but at the End everything goes to the same Place. Have a Look






Here we have a Bathroom for Toilet Slaves. They get locked into the Toilet Bowl and eat Poop. This is what they do and what they are good at. Let's see if we can get both Slaves to being locked into it. have a Look:

Part 1 24/03/16





Now at last, we put the Slave into the Cage tied him up with his Head out, put this Mouth open Holder in his Mouth and the Shitting and Poop swallowing starts.Take a look at our Sample

Part 1 21/03/16





Now it is Slave Feeding Time again and let's just do it right out of the Car. You Slave lay down, Shut Up and Swallow while we do some Pooping. Nice Movie with some very nice Views. Don't miss it ! 

Part 1 17/02/16   Part 2 23/02/16    Part 3 29/02/16    Part 4 06/03/16   Part 5 15/03/16





 Here we have our New Slave trying to swallow from 7 Girls but when it became to obvious he had to be retired and replaced with our Old Slave. Don't miss this Movie !

Part 1 14/02/16   Part 2 20/02/16   Part 3 26/02/16    Part 4 03/03/16    Part 5 09/03/16    Part 6 12/03/16   Part 7 18/02/16





Here we have a very nice Movie coming up, where our Man had to get ready to swallow some Major Logs. The Girls had a Lot of Fun in this Movie, so at the End everybody was happy.

Part 1  05/01/16   Part 2  11/01/16    Part 3 17/01/16   Part 4 23/01/16   Part 5 29/01/16    Part 6 04/12/16   Part 7 10/02/16




This new Movie coming up has a very interesting Machine Design, where the one Handle open the Mouth at the same Time and the girls can now relaxed sit down and start pooping into these Perverts Mouth's.
 Have a Look

Part 1 01/01/16    Part 2 08/01/16    Part 3 14/01/16   Part 4 20/01/16    Part 5 26/01/16   Part 6 01/02/16   Part 7 07/02/16




Back to Nature we needed our Slave again to fill him up with Poop. He was kind of resisting first but finished, making us all happy.                                                                                                                                    

Part 1 07/12/15    Part 2 13/12/15    Part 3 19/12/15   Part 4 25/12/15





 This Movie coming out is only for the hardest of our Viewers. Very cruel and no mercy what's how ever. Our Slave screaming, crying and begging, but this is Slaves Life. You take it until we say stop. So serving to the End in this Case.

Viewers Discretion is advised !

Part 1 16/11/15  Part 2 22/11/15  Part 3 28/11/15   Part 4 04/12/15   Part 5 10/12/15   Part 6 16/12/15   Part 7 22/12/15    Part 8 28/12/15



 Here we have our new Girl Kenia for the first Time ever. Let's ee how she does as a new Domina. She certainly has the Looks. Take a Look !


Part 1 12/11/15

Part 2 19/11/15

Part 3 25/11/15

Part 4 01/12/15






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    Hi, I am Fatima ! What I think about      This   abusing Male Thing Website. It is interesting. I wonder   how  Guys get excited, us abusing them, but that's fine with me. What I like ?...
  • Aziri Aziri
      Hi, my Name is Atziri and I am studying with Kimberly, we are both from the same Village. Having recently met Nicole, I am still a little shocked. You must be kidding ! This Guy wanting to eat...
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      Hi, I am Daniela and I am new in this, as I could not  see  the Possibility, somebody wanting to eat my Poop. But looking at this perverted Guy, that Nicole brings over, for some Reason, I love...
  • Kimberly Kimberly
      Hello, my Name is Kimberly. I am 19 Years old and I live here in a Student Home and just here to study Medicine.
    Now from what Nicole is telling me, with Men wanting to be used as Toilets,...
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