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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Store in Yezzclips, just click on the Picture to visit

  Cindy has her own Store in Yezzclips, just click on the Picture to visit

Our new Store in, but no Poop Videos allowed the



30/04/14      New Domina Rachel is our newest Aquisition. First we have her shit on the Bed and next she will poop in the Slaves Mouth. let's see how she does...



Here the Girls sit on the Man's Face, his Mouth wide open and the fresh Poop is slowly getting pressed into his Mouth. Al he has to do now is swallow, Lots of it though...

Part 1 24/04/14    Part 2 27/04/14



New Domina,  Patricia


 Our new Domina Patricia pooping in front of a Camera for the first Time ! Soon she will be in our our Movies visible



New Domina Blanca

Blanca's first Time      

  Here we came together and just sat on the Guy's Mouth and shit directly into it. First he resisted, but then he realised, he was not getting released until he ate some Poop. Take a Look !

Part 1 27/03/14  Part 2 03/04/14  Part 3 09/04/14



 Part 1 18/03/14  Part 2 21/03/14  Part 3 24/03/14  Part 4 30/03/14  Part 5 06/04/14  Part 6 12/04/14  Part 7 18/04/14  Part 8 21/04/14 

At last we are proud to present, 2 new Dominas Blanca y Olga coming out in March and April. Everytime the Slave works with a new Domina, he pukes all Night to recover, because he isn't used to her yet

Enjoy !



 Don't move, open wide and swallow it !  in 8 Parts is our new Movie for March and April. The Girls just make the Slave take Position behind them and all what is left to do, open wide and swallow the Shit asap to avoid the Smell. Don't miss it !

 Part 1 14/02/14.  Part 2 20/02/12.   Part 3 26/02/14.   Part 4 04/03/14.  Part 5 07/03/14.  Part 6 10/03/14.  Part 7 13/03/14




 Here, we used the Slave to take Care of the shitty Part of getting ready. We had a Party coming up and not the Time, so doing 2 Things at the same saved us Time and Money. Having a Shit swallowing Slave handy is highly recommended.

 Part 1 02/02/14  Part 2 05/02/14  Part 03 08/02/14  Part 04 11/02/14.  Part 05 17/02/14.  Part 06 23/12/14.   Part 7 01/03/14.




 Paola first Time 29/01/2014



House in Thalia. in 2 Parts

Part 1  25/01/2014

Part 2  27/01/2014


This is our new Movie also coming out in January. Sitting on his Face and letting go of it in Quantities. Have a Look:

Part 1 13/01/14  Part 2 15/01/14  Part 3 17/01/14  Part 4 19/01/14  Part 5 21/01/14   Part 6 23/01/13


Directly in his Mouth. Open wide ! In 7 Parts.
In this great Movie, the Girls sit on the Man's Face and don't leave him another Choice, just swallow it and be done with it !
Enjoy !

 Part 1 14/12/13  Part 2  18/12/13  Part 3  22/12/13  Part 4  26/12/13  Part 5 30/12/13  Part 6 03/01/14  Part 7 07/01/14



Keep eating ! More Shit to come  in 8 parts is another December Movie. Here the Slave had another shitfull successfull Day. Enjoy !

Part 1 16/12/13  Part 2 20/12/13  Part 3 24/12/13 Part 4 28/12/13  Part 5 01/01/14  Part 6 05/01/14  Part 7 09/01/14  Part 8 11/01/14




Comfortable Shit and Eat Session. in 7 Parts. NEW DOMINA  CHANTAL The Girls moved in rather much more comfortable posiition and the Slave was ready to get on their Butt and eat it. I am sure you will enjoy the Movie



 Here we used our Slave in a way to not see the misible creep, Swallowing the Poop. we all let him see our Butts so he would be more Motivated to Swallow Faster

in 6 parts  part 1 04/11/13   part 2 06/11/13   part 3 08/11/13   part 4 10/11/13   part 5 12/11/13   part 6 14/11/13


 Heve we used our Toilet Slave right on the Couich and want to or not, he had to Swallow Lots of it again. Have a Look

Special Poop Session on Couch.  In 7 parts

part 1 16/11/13  part 2 18/11/13  part 3 20/11/13  part 4 22/11/13  part 5 24/11/13  part 6 26/11/13  part 7/ 28/11/13


 Toilet Slave caught in Bed  In 7 Parts

 Part 1 21/10/13 Part 2 23/1013 Part 3 25/10/13 Part 4 27/10/13 Part 5 29/10/13 Part 6 31/10/13 Part 7 02/11/13



 in this film the Girls had fut with the Slave so using it and Shitting

Domination and Slave in Yakusy  in 6 parts

part 1 09/10/13    part 2 11/10/13  part 3 13/10/13  part 4 15/10/13  part 5 17/10/13  part 6 19/10/13


Here we invited the Slave to have a Seat on a nice Chair and each and every Girls sat down on his Face and pooped into him and stayed there until he swallowed all of this Poop. Enjoy !

Part 1 26/08/2013.   Part 2 28/08/2013.  Part 3 30/08/2013. Part 4 01/09/2013.  Part 5 03/09/2013.


Here we put special Attention to the Fact that the Slave was tied up correctly and then the Pooping and Feeding started. Enjoy !

Tie him down and Feeding is next. In 3 Parts

New Domina

13/08/2013  Part 1

15/08/2013  Part 2

17/08/2013  Part 3


2 Girls at the Time shitting on the Slave. Here the Slave did get all or more he bargained for. Nice Camera Angles from underneath. Enjoy !

 2 Buttholes over 1 Toiletface. In 3 Parts







 New Domina

Human Toilet Bowl is where the Slave's Head is locked in the Toilet Bowl and the Girls take Advantage and poop straight into his Mouth.

In 6 Parts  10/07/2013 - 20/07/2013

 Part 1 10/07/2013  Part 2 12/07/2013  Part 3 14/07/2013

Part 4  16/07/2013 Part  5 18/07/2013  Part 6  20/07/2013



In 3 Part  02/07/2013 - 06/07/2013

Part 1 02/07/2013

Part 2 04/07/2013

Part 3 06/07/2013



Here we used our Slave with Toilet Desires any Way we felt like. We are proud to present 2 new Dominas, Alexa and Iris and it seems they like this new surpising Type of Fetish, since they are on the upper Side.

Main Action in the Living Room  In 6 Parts  21/06/2013 - 31/06/2013


 What do you mean by "Human Toilet"?

 Part 1 13/06/2013

 Part 2 15/06/2013



 In this Movie, you can see the first Reunion after my Birthday . Lot of Fun in this Movie, locking our Slave's Head in this Chair, sit on him and press some Poop into his Mouth and we did.

In 7 Parts 12/05/2013 - 24/05/2013





 Here is our next Movie with our new Star Sandra, which was resisting at first pooping into a Guy's Mouth.
 But now having done it, mentioned she will do some more pooping into People's Mouth, if this is, what fascinates them

 29/04/2013 - 05/05/2013   in 4 Parts



Here is another new Movie for February. 2 new Stars on the Horizon, Selene and Nicky are being introduced by Chrystal, showing them the proper Way to use a Human Toilet. Of course the first Time doing something like that in their young Lifes, Nervousness plays a Role, which all of us understand

Pooping Event on Stairs In 3 Parts

Part 1  16/02/2013

Part 2  18/02/2013

Part 3  20/02/2013


 Shit and Shower with Christine and Daniela  In 3 Parts

 Part 1 02/09/2013

 Part 2  02/11/2013

 Part 3 02/13/2013






 Cindy wants to use Toilet Slave       





Toilet Slave Behind the Bed In 6 Parts

Part 1    12/01/2013       Part 3 22/01/2013       Part 5 02/02/2013

Part 2    14/01/2013       Part 4 24/01/2013       Part 6 02/04/2013






Sit on Toilet Special




Shit and Shower Denise and Chelsey








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    Hi, I am Fatima ! What I think about      This   abusing Male Thing Website. It is interesting. I wonder   how  Guys get excited, us abusing them, but that's fine with me. What I like ?...
  • Aziri Aziri
      Hi, my Name is Atziri and I am studying with Kimberly, we are both from the same Village. Having recently met Nicole, I am still a little shocked. You must be kidding ! This Guy wanting to eat...
  • Daniela Daniela
      Hi, I am Daniela and I am new in this, as I could not  see  the Possibility, somebody wanting to eat my Poop. But looking at this perverted Guy, that Nicole brings over, for some Reason, I love...
  • Kimberly Kimberly
      Hello, my Name is Kimberly. I am 19 Years old and I live here in a Student Home and just here to study Medicine.
    Now from what Nicole is telling me, with Men wanting to be used as Toilets,...
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