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Daniela and Fatyma and Ashley





Wednesday, August 05, 2020


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All Members !!! Please save the Videos on your Devices, since we are rotating out again to make Space for the New Ones 




 Great News !!!

Now we also opened our Video Store in Young Dominas. If you still need more of us, here it is :

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Part 1 26/06/19

Once our Man signed up to go in there, he had no Choice and had to stay, until the Girls finished their tasks with him. Sorry Guy !!!



 Part 1 22/08/09



What Girls do, when six of them come together and have the Urge to poop, you can see here.

Part 1 05/07/19



The Girls sure know how to seduce, but as always, after the 2nd Load Things beome complicated and any Slave wants out. This Option is of course not valid, here we go

Part 1 29/06/19



Now we are launching a Special, releasing all the Parts with Guest Toilets finding out, how it is having to swallow massive amounts of Poop

Part 1 06/04/19


This is one of our 5 Star Movies, Men being contracted of the Street serving in a Public Toilet as Toilet and Eater of such

Part 1 09/04/19


Here our Man is between Couches and getting filled with massive Amounts.

Part 1 12/04/19


In this interesting Movie the Man cannot get his Face out of the Floor, obligating him to take in everything that comes his Way

Part 1 15/04/19




Here is our Man with his head locked inside the Bed. the Girls now easily can take turns to use him as Toilet. Have fun


Part 1 13/03/19




 In Nature it is nicer to poop and even nicer if a Toilet Slave is near. In this Case it was the Case and everybody was happy. Slave had to endure the Day with Shit on and in his Face. But he seems to like it. Part 1  07/03/19





Here our Man is in Position ready to receive some Poop. The Girls like that alot and take full Advantage of this Offer...

Part 1  29/01/19




Here Miranda tried this Human Toilet for the first Time and she is fascinated, somebody wanting to eat her Poop. Go ahead and I will poop into you...

Part 1  26/01/19






Part 01       01/01/19



Here we have Part II of this Movie that Movie everybody asked for Part II. The Man under has not much of Choice, eating the Poop or Eating the Poop. Enjoy ! Poop  Directly in your Mouth     II     

Part 1 11/12/18






Here we our Most Dramatic Slave being in the As Toilet Position. Just as expected, Drama and this Guy is not far apart. Part 1 03/11/18





Our favorite Interview with Fatima, as cruel as she is. Listen to her Answers and you might be shocked !


 Daniela is  also known to let go of some major Logs. While she is doing that, she is answering some Question, nice Video !



 Ashley was very recent welcomed to the Club of Dominas when she did this Interview. Enjoy !




 Our Poop Eater is not prepared for these Amounts of Poop and in Fact having to swallow it. But Inka is not playing. She is not taking NO for an Answer until it's all gone. Part 1 15/07/18




 Our Revolutionary Slave is now being bent over on the Beast to get some Poop in his Mouth. Comfortable enough for everybody involved. Part 1 04/05/18




Our Man is in Resistance again and needs to be convinced. And as always, Happy Ending. He ate most of it, The Girls got rid of their Poop and after being Released the Man runs into the Shower and Screams and everybody laughs and is Happy. Don't miss it !

Part 1  10/04/18




This Movie was one of our most Successful Ones. The Man is totally overwhelmed with what is happening to him, everybody laughing at him and the Brown Shower keeps coming. Take a look at the Sample

Part 1  08/03/18



Nice little Movie with Princess Zamantha and Diana coming up soon. They are having some Real Fun all Afternoon. Also the Slave is getting His at the End and Lots of it !

Part 1 15/02/18






From High Above just talking Important Things like Nails and Stupid Perverts, showing their Friend, that there are Guys that eat Girl's Poop and Lots of it. Then Carmen jumps on his Belly and films him from above during Feeding it all






Part 1 10/06/17

Here the Girls rolled the Slave into a Carpet and without him being able to move the Poop Session could begin. Daniela performed here for the first Time ! Enjoy the Show !







 Here we have a Movie, where Karina and Zamantha found the Slave and just him, for what he does Best. Then he even was able to be their Toilet Paper.




This is the Funniest Movie we made yet. Hilarious how the Man gets in Panic not being able to breath and behaves just like a Horse ! So we need to find out who is the best Rodeo Rider ! Showtime !!!

Part 1 03/01/17






  Now, this is for real !The Man is getting the Poop pushed right into him if he wants it or not. He Tries everything to avoid Inka making him eat it. But we know Inka and karina are not letting him of the Hook, until they can see he swallowed all the Poop. If you wouldn't know what is coming, you wouldn't be here and letting yourself being tied up and then at the Mercy of Inka and Karina. This is very stupid or you like it, simple as that




 Here we found another nice Way to feed our Human Toilet. Lots of Poop and Lots of Fun in this Movie, coming out now




 Part 1   01/05/16

A particular cruel Movie, where the Man could not handle the Sewage Pressure applied. Little got wasted in this Sewage Design and afterwards the Slave said, that this is the LAST TIME. But we had this a Lot lately and both are coming back for more. Maybe some Love Hate Relation to the Poop Eating Habit ? Have a Look:





Now at last, we put the Slave into the Cage tied him up with his Head out, put this Mouth open Holder in his Mouth and the Shitting and Poop swallowing starts.Take a look at our Sample

Part 1 21/03/16






 Here we have our New Slave trying to swallow from 7 Girls but when it became to obvious he had to be retired and replaced with our Old Slave. Don't miss this Movie !

Part 1 14/02/16   Part 2 20/02/16   Part 3 26/02/16    Part 4 03/03/16    Part 5 09/03/16    Part 6 12/03/16   Part 7 18/02/16







 This Movie coming out is only for the hardest of our Viewers. Very cruel and no mercy what's how ever. Our Slave screaming, crying and begging, but this is Slaves Life. You take it until we say stop. So serving to the End in this Case.

Viewers Discretion is advised !

Part 1 16/11/15  Part 2 22/11/15  Part 3 28/11/15   Part 4 04/12/15   Part 5 10/12/15   Part 6 16/12/15   Part 7 22/12/15    Part 8 28/12/15





  • Fatima Fatima
    Hi, I am Fatima ! What I think about      This   abusing Male Thing Website. It is interesting. I wonder   how  Guys get excited, us abusing them, but that's fine with me. What I like ?...
  • Aziri Aziri
      Hi, my Name is Atziri and I am studying with Kimberly, we are both from the same Village. Having recently met Nicole, I am still a little shocked. You must be kidding ! This Guy wanting to eat...
  • Daniela Daniela
      Hi, I am Daniela and I am new in this, as I could not  see  the Possibility, somebody wanting to eat my Poop. But looking at this perverted Guy, that Nicole brings over, for some Reason, I love...
  • Kimberly Kimberly
      Hello, my Name is Kimberly. I am 19 Years old and I live here in a Student Home and just here to study Medicine.
    Now from what Nicole is telling me, with Men wanting to be used as Toilets,...
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